1st Grade Science (NGSSS) Practice

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  • Performance Tasks 22
  • Instructional Videos 15

Test Standards

  1. (SC.1.P.8.1) Sort by Properties
  2. (SC.1.P.12.1) Types of Movement
  3. (SC.1.P.13.1) Push or Pull
  1. (SC.1.E.5.1) Number of Stars
  2. (SC.1.E.5.2) Law of Gravity
  3. (SC.1.E.5.3) Magnifiers
  4. (SC.1.E.5.4) Good and Bad of Sun
  5. (SC.1.E.6.1) Found on Earth's Surface
  6. (SC.1.E.6.2) Need for Water
  7. (SC.1.E.6.3) Happen Fast or Slow
  1. (SC.1.L.14.1) Observations of Living Things
  2. (SC.1.L.14.2) Plant Parts
  3. (SC.1.L.14.3) Living vs. Nonliving
  4. (SC.1.L.16.1) Variations in Offspring
  5. (SC.1.L.17.1) Basic Needs

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