2nd Grade Science (NGSSS) Practice

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  • Questions 317
  • Vocabulary Terms 125
  • Performance Tasks 43
  • Instructional Videos 18

Test Standards

  1. (SC.2.P.8.1) Observe and Measure
  2. (SC.2.P.8.2) Solid, Liquid, or Gas
  3. (SC.2.P.8.3) Properties of Phases
  4. (SC.2.P.8.4) Water in Different States
  5. (SC.2.P.8.5) Measure and Compare Temperatures
  6. (SC.2.P.8.6) Measure and Compare Volume
  7. (SC.2.P.9.1) Alter Materials
  8. (SC.2.P.10.1) Use of Electricity
  9. (SC.2.P.13.1) Push and Pull
  10. (SC.2.P.13.2) Magnets
  11. (SC.2.P.13.3) Pulled to Ground
  12. (SC.2.P.13.4) Greater Force = Greater Change in Motion
  1. (SC.2.E.6.1) Rocks
  2. (SC.2.E.6.2) Basis of Soil
  3. (SC.2.E.6.3) Classify Soil
  4. (SC.2.E.7.1) Changing Patterns
  5. (SC.2.E.7.2) Sun and Warming
  6. (SC.2.E.7.3) Water in Open or Closed Containers
  7. (SC.2.E.7.4) Air
  8. (SC.2.E.7.5) Prepare for Weather
  1. (SC.2.L.14.1) Human Body Parts
  2. (SC.2.L.16.1) Life Cycles
  3. (SC.2.L.17.1) Basic Needs
  4. (SC.2.L.17.2) Where are Living Things Found?

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