Grade 3 Science (NGSSS) Practice

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The Nature of Science 17%
Earth and Space Science 29%
Physical Science 29%
Life Science 25%
  • Questions 875
  • Vocabulary Terms 158
  • Performance Tasks 77
  • Instructional Videos 40

Test Standards

The Nature of Science
1. (SC.3.N.1.1)  Investigation
2. (SC.3.N.1.2.)  Compare Observations
3. (SC.3.N.1.3.)  Keep records
4. (SC.3.N.1.4.)  Communications
5. (SC.3.N.1.5.)  Collaboration and Peer Review
6. (SC.3.N.1.6)  Inferences
7. (SC.3.N.1.7.)  Importance of Empirical Evidence
8. (SC.3.N.3.1.)  Language of Science
9. (SC3.N.3.2.)  Models
10. (SC.3.N.3.3.)  Limitations of Models
Earth and Space Science
1. (SC.3.E.5.1.)  Earth in Space & Time: Stars
2. (Sc3.E.5.2.)  Earth in Space & Time: Sun
3. (SC.3.E.5.3.)  Earth in Space & Time: Earth-Sun
4. (SC3.E.5.4.)  Earth in Space & Time: Gravity
5. (SC.3.E.5.5.)  Earth in Space & Time: Space Exploration
6. (SC.3.E.6.1.)  Earth Structures: Sun's Radiant Energy
Physical Science
1. (SC.3.P.8.1.)  Properties of Matter: Temperature
2. (SC.3.P.8.2.)  Properties of Matter: Measurement
3. (SC.3.P.8.3.)  Properties of Matter: Comparing based on PropertiesMeasurement
4. (SC.3.P.9.1.)  Changes in Matter: Temperature and Changes in Matter
5. (SC.3..10.1.)  Forms of Energy: Identification
6. (SC.3.P.10.2.)  Forms of Energy: Motion
7. (S.3.P.10.3.)  Forms of Energy: Light Travels
8. (SC.3.P.10.4.)  Forms of Energy: Behavior of Light
9. (SC.3.P.11.1.)  Energy Transfer & Transformation: Light and Heat
10. (SC.3.P.11.2.)  Energy Transfer & Transformation: Heat Energy
Life Science
1. (SC.3.L.14.1)  Organization & Development of Organisms: Plant Structures
2. (SC.3.L.14.2)  Organization & Development of Organisms: Plants Respond
3. (SC.3.L.15.1)  Diversity & Evolution of Organisms: Classification of Animals
4. (SC3.L.15.2)  Diversity & Evolution of Organisms: Classification of Plants
5. (SC.3.L.17.1)  Interdependence: Changing Seasons Plants & Animals
6. (SC.3.L.17.2.)  Interdependence: Plants as Producers