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4th Grade Science (NGSSS) Practice

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  • Questions 1,234
  • Vocabulary Terms 234
  • Performance Tasks 143
  • Instructional Videos 61

Test Standards

  1. (SC.4.N.1.1) Scientific Investigation
  2. (SC.4.N.1.2) Compare Observations
  3. (SC.4.N.1.3) Observation and Empirical Evidence
  4. (SC.4.N.1.4) Evidence Supports Questions
  5. (SC.4.N.1.5) Compare methods and results
  6. (SC.4.N.1.6) Record Keeping
  7. (SC.4.N.1.7) Evidence based Explanations
  8. ( SC.4.N.1.8) Experimental Design
  9. (SC.4.N.2.1) Science and the Natural World
  10. (SC.4.N.3.1) Models
  1. (SC.4.E.5.1) Patterns of Stars
  2. (SC.4.E.5.2) Changes in the Moon
  3. (SC.4.E.5.3) Earth's Revolution and Rotation
  4. (SC.4.E.5.4) Earth, Sun, Moon, Stars: Apparent Motion
  5. (SC.4.E.5.5) Space Research and Exploration
  6. ( SC.4.E.6.1) Rock Categories
  7. (SC.4.E.6.2) Properties of Minerals
  8. (SC.4.E.6.3) Natural Resources
  9. (SC.4.E.6.4) Weathering and Erosion
  10. (SC.4.E.6.5) Using Technology
  11. ( SC.4.E.6.6) Florida Resources
  1. (SC.4.P.10.1) Basic Forms of Energy
  2. (SC.4.P.10.2) Motion, Change, and Energy
  3. (SC.4.P.10.3) Sound as a Vibration
  4. (SC.4.P.10.4) Energy of Moving Air and Water
  5. ( SC.4.P.11.1) Movement of Heat Energy
  6. (SC.4.P.11.2) Materials that Conduct Heat
  7. (SC.4.P.12.1) Objects in Motion
  8. (SC.4.P.12.2) Speed of an Object
  9. (SC.4.P.8.1) Measure and Compare Objects Using Physical Properties
  10. (SC.4.P.8.2) Properties and Uses of Water
  11. (SC.4.P.8.3) Law of Conservation of Mass
  12. ( SC.4.P.8.4) Magnets and Magnetism
  13. (SC.4.P.9.1) Chemical Changes
  1. ( SC.4.L.16.1) Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
  2. ( SC.4.L.16.2) Environment and Traits
  3. ( SC.4.L.16.3) Animal Behaviors
  4. (SC.4.L.16.4:) Life Cycle of Florida Plants and Animals
  5. (SC.4.L.17.1) Seasonal CHanges: FL Plants and Animals
  6. (SC.4.L.17.2) ANimals, Food, and Energy
  7. (SC.4.L.17.3) Energy Moves Through Food Chains
  8. (SC.4.L.17.4:) Plants and Animals Impact the Environment

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