FL 5th Grade Science SSA Practice and Test Prep

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The Nature of Science 17%
Earth and Space Science 29%
Physical Science 29%
Life Science 25%
  • Questions 2,739
  • Vocabulary Terms 358
  • Performance Tasks 168
  • Instructional Videos 110

Test Standards

The Nature of Science
1. (SC.5.N.1.1)  The Practice of Science
2. (SC.5.N.1.2)  Experiment vs. Alternatives
3. (SC.5.N.1.3)  Repeat
4. (SC.5.N.1.4)  Control Group
5. (SC.5.N.1.5)  Scientific Investigation
6. (SC.5.N.1.6)  Opinion vs. Observation
7. (SC.5.N.2.1)  The Characteristics of Scientific Knowledge: Scientific Method
8. (SC.5.N.2.2)  The Characteristics of Scientific Knowledge: Replication in Science
Earth and Space Science
1. (SC.4.E.5.4)  Earth in Space and Time: Movements of Bodies
2. (SC.4.E.6.2)  Earth Structures: Minerals
3. (SC.4.E.6.3)  Earth Structures: Natural Resources
4. (S.4.E.6.4)  Earth Structures: Weathering and Erosion
5. (SC.5.E.5.1)  Earth in Space and Time: The Galaxy
6. (SC.5.E.5.2)  Planets
7. (SC.5.E.5.3)  Earth in Space and Time: Solar System
8. (SC.5.E.7.1)  Earth Systems and Patterns: Water Cycle
9. (SC.5.E.7.2)  Ocean
10. (SC.5.E.7.4)  Precipitation
11. (SC.5.E.7.3)  Earth Systems and Patterns: Weather
12. (SC.5.E.7.5)  Weather in Different Environments
13. (SC.5.E.7.6)  Climate Zones
14. (SC.5.E.7.7)  Preparedness Plan
Physical Science
1. (SC.5.P.8.1)  Properties of Matter: States and Properties
2. (SC.5.P.8.2)  Soluble vs Insoluble
3. (SC.5.P.8.3)  Properties of Matter: Properties of Mixtures
4. (SC.5.P.8.4)  Atoms
5. (SC.5.P.9.1)  Changes in Matter: Temperature and Changes in Matter
6. (SC.5.P.10.1)  Forms of Energy: Basic Forms
7. (SC.5.P.10.3)  Charged Objects
8. (SC.5.P.10.2)  Forms of Energy: Motion and Change
9. (SC.5.P.10.4)  Forms of Energy: Transformation of Electrical Energy
10. (SC.5.P.11.1)  Closed Circuit
11. (SC.5.P.11.2)  Conductors
12. (SC.5.P.13.1)  Forces and Change in Motion: Familiar Forces
13. (SC.5.P.13.2)  Forces and Change in Motion: F=MA
14. (SC.5.P.13.3)  Mass and Motion
15. (SC.5.P.13.4)  Opposing Force
Life Science
1. (SC.3.L.14.1)  Organization & Development of Organisms: Plants
2. (SC.5.L.14.1)  Organization & Development of Organisms: Human Body
3. (SC.5.L.14.2)  Organization & Development of Organisms: Plants & Animals
4. (SC.4.L.16.4)  Heredity & Reproduction: Life Cycles of Florida Plants & Animals
5. (SC.5.L.17.1)  Interdependence: Adaptations Plants & Animals
6. (SC.4.L.17.3)  Interdependence: Food Chains & Energy
7. (SC.5.L.15.1)  Diversity and Evolution of Living Organisms: Survival