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4th Grade Social Studies (NGSSS) Practice

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Test Standards

  1. (SS.4.A.1.1) Primary & Secondary Sources
  2. (SS.4.A.1.2) Synthesizing Information
  3. (SS.4.A.2.1) Native Tribes
  4. (SS.4.A.3.1) Florida Explorers
  5. (SS.4.A.3.2) Impact of Colonization
  6. (SS.4.A.3.3) St. Augustine
  7. (SS.4.A.3.4) Florida Missions
  8. (SS.4.A.3.5) Ft. Mose
  9. (SS.4.A.3.6) Spanish Rule
  10. (SS.4.A.3.7) European Control of Florida
  11. (SS.4.A.3.8) The Seminoles
  12. (SS.4.A.3.9) Florida Becomes a Territory
  13. (SS.4.A.3.10) Seminole Wars
  14. (SS.4.A.4.1) Technological Advances
  15. (SS.4.A.4.2) Pioneer Life
  16. (SS.4.A.5.1) Florida in the Civil War
  17. (SS.4.A.5.2) Florida in Reconstruction
  18. (SS.4.A.6.1) Florida's Major Industries
  19. (SS.4.A.6.2) Immigrant Groups
  20. (SS.4.A.6.3) Contributions of Individuals
  21. (SS.4.A.6.4) Spanish American War
  22. (SS.4.A.7.1) The Land Boom
  23. (SS.4.A.7.2) The Great Depression
  24. (SS.4.A.7.3) Florida in World War II
  25. (SS.4.A.8.1) The Civil Rights Movement
  26. (SS.4.A.8.2) Immigration Today
  27. (SS.4.A.8.3) The Space Program
  28. (SS.4.A.8.4) Tourism
  29. (SS.4.A.9.1) Timelines
  1. (SS.4.G.1.1) Physical Features
  2. (SS.4.G.1.2) Cultural Features
  3. (SS.4.G.1.3) Florida Weather
  4. (SS.4.G.1.4) Interpreting Maps
  1. (SS.4.E.1.1) Entrepreneurs
  2. (SS.4.E.1.2) Florida's Economic Role
  1. (SS.4.C.1.1) Florida's Constitution
  2. (SS.4.C.2.1) Public Issues
  3. (SS.4.C.2.2) Citizens Working Together
  4. (SS.4.C.2.3) Public Service
  5. (SS.4.C.3.1) Florida's Branches of Government
  6. (SS.4.C.3.2) State and Local Government

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