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Anatomy and Physiology (NGSSS) Practice

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Test Standards

  1. (SC.912.L.14.11) Tissue Types
  2. (SC.912.L.14.12) Bone Tissue
  3. (SC.912.L.14.13/14) Major Bone Identification
  4. (SC.912.L.14.16) Muscle Tissue
  5. (SC.912.L.14.17) Muscle Contraction
  6. (SC.912.L.14.18) Myoneural Junction
  7. (SC.912.L.14.20) Major Muscle Identification
  8. (SC.912.L.14.21) Nervous System
  9. (SC.912.L.14.23) Reflex Arc
  10. (SC.912.L.14.24) Synapse and Signal Transmission
  11. (SC.912.L.14.25) Spinal Cord
  12. (SC.912.L.14.26) Brain
  13. (SC.912.L.14.28) Spinal Cord Function
  14. (SC.912.L.14.29) Endocrine and Exocrine
  15. (SC.912.L.14.30) Endocrine and Neural Control
  16. (SC.912.L.14.32) Endocrine System
  17. (SC.912.L.14.33) Reproductive System
  18. (SC.912.L.14.34) Composition of Blood
  19. (SC.912.L.14.35) Hemostasis
  20. (SC.912.L.14.36) Blood Flow
  21. (SC.912.L.14.38) Normal Heart Sounds
  22. (SC.912.L.14.39) Hypertension
  23. (SC.912.L.14.41) Fetal Circulation
  24. (SC.912.L.14.42) Lymph System
  25. (SC.912.L.14.44) Respiratory System
  26. (SC.912.L.14.46) Digestive System
  27. (SC.912.L.14.47) Urine Formation
  28. (SC.912.L.14.49) Nervous Systems
  29. (SC.912.L.14.50) Sensory Organs
  30. (SC.912.L.14.51) Integumentary System
  31. (SC.912.L.14.52) Immune System
  1. (SC.912.L.16.8) Uncontrolled Cell Growth
  1. (SC.912.L.18.1) Biomolecules
  2. (SC.912.L.18.11) Enzymes

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