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Calculus (MAFS) Practice

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  • Questions 1,520
  • Vocabulary Terms 111
  • Performance Tasks 55
  • Instructional Videos 40

Test Standards

  1. (MAFS.912.C.1.1) Limit concept
  2. (MAFS.912.C.1.10) Point continuity
  3. (MAFS.912.C.1.11) Discontinuities
  4. (MAFS.912.C.1.12) Intermediate Value Theorem
  5. (MAFS.912.C.1.13) Extreme Value Theorem
  6. (MAFS.912.C.1.2) Limits by substitution
  7. (MAFS.912.C.1.3) Limits of expressions
  8. (MAFS.912.C.1.4) Limits of rational functions
  9. (MAFS.912.C.1.5) One-sided limits
  10. (MAFS.912.C.1.6) Limits at infinity
  11. (MAFS.912.C.1.7) Asymptotic behavior
  12. (MAFS.912.C.1.8) Special limits
  13. (MAFS.912.C.1.9) Limits and continuity
  1. (MAFS.912.C.2.1) Derivative concept
  2. (MAFS.912.C.2.10) Differentiability and continuity
  3. (MAFS.912.C.2.11) Mean Value Theorem
  4. (MAFS.912.C.2.2) Derivative definition
  5. (MAFS.912.C.2.3) Find derivatives
  6. (MAFS.912.C.2.4) Derivatives of expressions
  7. (MAFS.912.C.2.5) Chain rule
  8. (MAFS.912.C.2.6) Implicit differentiation
  9. (MAFS.912.C.2.7) Derivatives of inverse functions
  10. (MAFS.912.C.2.8) Higher order derivatives
  11. (MAFS.912.C.2.9) Logarithmic differentiation
  1. (MAFS.912.C.3.1) Slope at a point
  2. (MAFS.912.C.3.10) Straight line motion
  3. (MAFS.912.C.3.11) Related rates
  4. (MAFS.912.C.3.12) Newton-Raphson method
  5. (MAFS.912.C.3.2) Tangent line equation
  6. (MAFS.912.C.3.3) Increasing/decreasing intervals
  7. (MAFS.912.C.3.4) Local/absolute extrema
  8. (MAFS.912.C.3.5) Inflection and concavity
  9. (MAFS.912.C.3.6) Sketch graphs
  10. (MAFS.912.C.3.7) Inverse function derivative
  11. (MAFS.912.C.3.8) Optimization problems
  12. (MAFS.912.C.3.9) Rates of change
  1. (MAFS.912.C.4.1) Approximate integrals
  2. (MAFS.912.C.4.2) Riemann sums
  3. (MAFS.912.C.4.3) Definite integral as a limit
  4. (MAFS.912.C.4.4) Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
  5. (MAFS.912.C.4.5) Apply the Fundamental Theorem
  6. (MAFS.912.C.4.6) Properties of integrals
  7. (MAFS.912.C.4.7) Substitution
  8. (MAFS.912.C.4.8) Approximate definite integrals
  1. (MAFS.912.C.5.1) Initial conditions
  2. (MAFS.912.C.5.2) Separable differential equations
  3. (MAFS.912.C.5.3) Growth and decay problems
  4. (MAFS.912.C.5.4) Slope fields
  5. (MAFS.912.C.5.5) Find areas
  6. (MAFS.912.C.5.6) Average value
  7. (MAFS.912.C.5.7) Solids
  8. (MAFS.912.C.5.8) Model and solve problems

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