Florida PERT Reading Practice and Test Prep

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Reading 100%
  • Questions 2,259
  • Vocabulary Terms 200
  • Performance Tasks 132
  • Instructional Videos 76

Test Standards

1. (R.5)  Words and Phrases in Context
2. (R.6)  Sentence Relationships
3. (R.7)  Analyze Texts
4. (R.8)  Analyze individuals in texts
5. (R.9)  Compare texts
6. (R.10)  Fact and Opinion
7. (R.1)  Ideas, Events, Information
8. (R.2)  Support and Challenge
9. (R.3)  Purpose and Events
10. (R.4)  Reasoning and Rhetoric
11. (R.11)  Words and Phrases in Context
12. (R.12)  Sentence Relationships
13. (R.13)  Analyze Texts
14. (R.14)  Analyze individuals in texts
15. (R.15)  Compare texts
16. (R.16)  Fact and Opinion
17. (R.17)  Detect bias
18. (R.18)  Inferences and conclusions