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Reading FCAT 2.0 (SSS) Practice

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  • Questions 2,577
  • Vocabulary Terms 198
  • Performance Tasks 142
  • Instructional Videos 53

Test Standards

  1. (LA.910.1.6.3) Context Clues
  2. (LA.910.1.6.8) Analyze Words
  3. (LA.910.1.6.9) Word Meaning
  1. (LA.910.1.7.2) Author’s Perspective/Purpose
  2. (LA.910.1.7.3) Main idea
  3. (LA.910.1.7.4) Cause and Effect
  4. (LA.910.1.7.5) Text structures
  5. (LA.910.1.7.7) Compare multiple texts
  1. (LA.910.2.1.5) Theme
  2. (LA.910.2.1.7) Descriptive language
  1. (LA.910.6.1.1) Text features
  2. (LA.910.6.2.2) Synthesize Information
  3. (LA.910.2.2.1) Text features

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