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  • Questions 4,210
  • Vocabulary Terms 804
  • Performance Tasks 180
  • Instructional Videos 186

Test Standards

  1. (SS.912.A.1.1) Historiography
  2. (SS.912.A.1.2) Primary & Secondary Sources
  3. (SS.912.A.1.3) Using Timelines
  4. (SS.912.A.1.4) Analyzing Images
  5. (SS.912.A.1.7) Socio-Cultural Aspects
  6. (SS.912.A.2.1) Civil War Causes
  7. (SS.912.A.2.2) Reconstruction: People
  8. (SS.912.A.2.3) Reconstruction: Issues
  9. (SS.912.A.2.4) Civil War Amendments
  10. (SS.912.A.2.5) Jim Crow (Late 1800s)
  11. (SS.912.A.2.6) The Black Codes
  12. (SS.912.A.2.7) The Native American Experience
  13. (SS.912.A.3.1 ) Farmers' Problems
  14. (SS.912.A.3.2) Second Industrial Revolution
  15. (SS.912.A.3.3) First & Second Industrial Revolutions
  16. (SS.912.A.3.4) Effect of Industries
  17. (SS.912.A.3.5) Inventors of the Industrial Revolution
  18. (SS.912.A.3.6) The Shift to Industry
  19. (SS.912.A.3.7) The Immigration Experience
  20. (SS.912.A.3.8) Late-19th Century Social Change
  21. (SS.912.A.3.9) Late-19th Century Labor Movement
  22. (SS.912.A.3.10) Differing Ideologies
  23. (SS.912.A.3.11) Political Machines
  24. (SS.912.A.3.12) Correcting Injustices
  25. (SS.912.A.3.13) Florida History: Late-19th Century
  1. (SS.912.A.4.1) U.S. Imperialism
  2. (SS.912.A.4.2) Imperialistic Motives
  3. (SS.912.A.4.3) Spanish American War
  4. (SS.912.A.4.4) The Panama Canal
  5. (SS.912.A.4.5) U.S. in World War I
  6. (SS.912.A.4.6 ) World War I: The Home Front
  7. (SS.912.A.4.7) World War I: Technology
  8. (SS.912.A.4.8) World War I: Different Voices
  9. (SS.912.A.4.9) World War I: Impact on Others
  10. (SS.912.A.4.10) World War I: Diplomacy
  11. (SS.912.A.4.11) Florida History: 1900-1920
  12. (SS.912.A.5.1) Post-World War I Demobilization
  13. (SS.912.A.5.2) The First Red Scare
  14. (SS.912.A.5.3) Foreign Policy: 1920s
  15. (SS.912.A.5.4) 1920s Economy
  16. (SS.912.A.5.5) Avoiding Wars
  17. (SS.912.A.5.6 ) 1920s Societal Influences
  18. (SS.912.A.5.7) Minority Rights, 1920s
  19. (SS.912.A.5.8) African American Leaders
  20. (SS.912.A.5.9) Reemergence of the Ku Klux Klan
  21. (SS.912.A.5.10) Civil Rights Changes
  22. (SS.912.A.5.11) The Great Depression & the New Deal
  23. (SS.912.A.5.12) Florida History: 1920s & 1930s
  1. (SS.912.A.6.1) World War II: Causes & Consequences
  2. (SS.912.A.6.2) World War II: Early U.S. Involvement
  3. (SS.912.A.6.3) The Holocaust
  4. (SS.912.A.6.4) World War II: Rights Expand
  5. (SS.912.A.6.5) World War II: Domestic Policy
  6. (SS.912.A.6.6) World War II: The Atomic Age
  7. (SS.912.A.6.7) The Nuremberg Trials
  8. (SS.912.A.6.8) The Second Red Scare
  9. (SS.912.A.6.9) The United Nations Forms
  10. (SS.912.A.6.10) The Cold War: The Early Years
  11. (SS.912.A.6.11) The Cold War: Nuclear Build Up
  12. (SS.912.A.6.12) The Korean War
  13. (SS.912.A.6.13) Foreign Policy: 1945-1960s
  14. (SS.912.A.6.14) The Vietnam War
  15. (SS.912.A.7.1) Post-WWII Prosperity
  16. (SS.912.A.7.2) Post-WWII Prosperity Differences
  17. (SS.912.A.7.3) Women's Rights, 1945-Present
  18. (SS.912.A.7.4) Foreign Policy Successes
  19. (SS.912.A.7.5) Achieving Civil Rights
  20. (SS.912.A.7.6) Civil Rights Movement: Organizations
  21. (SS.912.A.7.7) Civil Rights Movement: Coalitions
  22. (SS.912.A.7.8) Civil Rights Movement: Supreme Court Decisions
  23. (SS.912.A.7.9) Comparing Social Movements
  24. (SS.912.A.7.10) Government Distrust
  25. (SS.912.A.7.11) Foreign Policy: 1970s to Present
  26. (SS.912.A.7.12) Late-20th Century Concerns
  27. (SS.912.A.7.13) The Great Society
  28. (SS.912.A.7.14) U.S. & the Global Economy
  29. (SS.912.A.7.15) Terrorism in the U.S.
  30. (SS.912.A.7.16) Immigration Since 1950
  31. (SS.912.A.7.17) Florida History: 1950s-Present

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