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Grade 7 M/J Civics EOC Practice and Test Prep

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Test Standards

  1. (SS.7.C.1.1) Ideas of the Enlightenment
  2. (SS.7.C.1.2 ) Famous Documents
  3. (SS.7.C.1.3) Influencing the Declaration of Independence
  4. (SS.7.C.1.4) Ideas in the Declaration of Independence
  5. (SS.7.C.1.5) The Articles of Confederation
  6. (SS.7.C.1.6 ) The Preamble
  7. (SS.7.C.1.7) Limiting Government Power
  8. (SS.7.C.1.8) Federalists & Anti-Federalists
  9. (SS.7.C.1.9) The Rule of Law
  10. (SS.7.C.3.10) Types of Law
  1. (SS.7.C.2.1) What is a Citizen?
  2. (SS.7.C.2.2) Being a Citizen
  3. (SS.7.C.2.4) The Bill of Rights
  4. (SS.7.C.2.5) Individual Rights
  5. (SS.7.C.3.6) Constitutional Rights
  6. (SS.7.C.3.7) Minority Participation
  7. (SS.7.C.3.12) Landmark Supreme Court Cases
  1. (SS.7.C.2.8) Political Parties
  2. (SS.7.C.2.9) Evaluating Candidates
  3. (SS.7.C.2.10 ) Influencing Government
  4. (SS.7.C.2.11) Analyzing Media
  5. (SS.7.C.2.12) Resolving Problems
  6. (SS.7.C.2.13) Current Issues
  7. (SS.7.C.4.1) Domestic & Foreign Policy
  8. (SS.7.C.4.2) International Organizations
  9. (SS.7.C.4.3) International Conflicts
  1. (SS.7.C.3.1) Forms of Government
  2. (SS.7.C.3.2) Systems of Government
  3. (SS.7.C.3.3) Articles I, II, & III
  4. (SS.7.C.3.4) Division of Powers
  5. (SS.7.C.3.5) The Amendment Process
  6. (SS.7.C.3.8) The Three Branches
  7. (SS.7.C.3.9) The Legislative Process
  8. (SS.7.C.3.11 ) Powers of the Courts
  9. (SS.7.C.3.13) Comparing Constitutions
  10. (SS.7.C.3.14) Government Services

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