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FSA Math Practice and Test Prep Grade 7

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  • Questions 4,128
  • Vocabulary Terms 162
  • Performance Tasks 191
  • Instructional Videos 95

Test Standards

  1. (MAFS.7.RP.1.1) Unit rates
  2. (MAFS.7.RP.1.2a) Proportions and constants
  3. (MAFS.7.RP.1.2b) Constant of proportionality
  4. (MAFS.7.RP.1.2c) Equations
  5. (MAFS.7.RP.1.2d) Graphs
  6. (MAFS.7.RP.1.3) Problems with proportions
  1. (MAFS.7.EE.1.1) Linear expressions
  2. (MAFS.7.EE.1.2) Rewrite expressions
  3. (MAFS.7.EE.2.3) Multistep word problems
  4. (MAFS.7.EE.2.4a) Word problems - equations
  5. (MAFS.7.EE.2.4b) Word problems - inequalities
  1. (MAFS.7.G.1.1) Scale drawings
  2. (MAFS.7.G.1.2) Draw shapes
  3. (MAFS.7.G.1.3) Cross-sections
  4. (MAFS.7.G.2.4) Area and circumference
  5. (MAFS.7.G.2.5) Angle problems
  6. (MAFS.7.G.2.6) 2-D and 3-D problems
  1. (MAFS.7.SP.1.1) Information from samples
  2. (MAFS.7.SP.1.2) Inferences from data
  3. (MAFS.7.SP.2.3) Assess distributions
  4. (MAFS.7.SP.2.4) Measures of center/variability
  5. (MAFS.7.SP.3.5) Probability
  6. (MAFS.7.SP.3.6) Experimental probability
  7. (MAFS.7.SP.3.7) Develop models
  8. (MAFS.7.SP.3.8ab) Compound events
  9. (MAFS.7.SP.3.8c) Generate frequencies
  1. (MAFS.7.NS.1.1a) Opposite quantities
  2. (MAFS.7.NS.1.1bc) p+q and p+(-q)
  3. (MAFS.7.NS.1.1d) Add/subtract rationals
  4. (MAFS.7.NS.1.2a) Multiplication
  5. (MAFS.7.NS.1.2b) Division
  6. (MAFS.7.NS.1.2c) Mult/Div rationals
  7. (MAFS.7.NS.1.2d) Convert to decimal
  8. (MAFS.7.NS.1.3) Real-world problems

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