Life Science (SSS) Practice

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Organization and Development of Living Organisms 20%
Diversity and Evolution of Living Organisms 20%
Heredity and Reproduction 20%
Interdependence 20%
Matter and Energy Transformations 20%
Also includes:
  • Nature of Science
  • Questions 1,743
  • Vocabulary Terms 221
  • Performance Tasks 102
  • Instructional Videos 71

Test Standards

Organization and Development of Living Organisms
1. (SC.6.L.14.1.)  Hierarchical Organization: cells to organisms
2. (SC.6.L.14.2.)  Cell Theory
3. (SC.6.L.14.3.)  Cells Maintain Homeostasis
4. (SC.6.L.14.4.)  Compare and Contrast Cells
5. (SC.6.L.14.5.)  Human Body Systems
6. (SC.6.L.14.6.)  Infectious Agents and Disease
Diversity and Evolution of Living Organisms
1. (SC.6.L.15.1.)  Classification of Life
2. (SC.7.L.15.1.)  Fossil Evidence and Evolution
3. (SC.7.L.15.2.)  Natural Selection and Diversity
4. (SC.7.L.15.3.)  Evolution, Adaptation and Extinction
Heredity and Reproduction
1. (SC.7.L.16.1.)  DNA, Chromosomes, Genes
2. (SC.7.L.16.2.)  Genetic Probabilities
3. (SC.7.L.16.3.)  Meiosis and Mitosis
4. (SC.7.L.16.4.)  Biotechnology
Nature of Science
1. (SC.7.N.1.1.)  Scientific Method
2. (SC.7.N.1.2.)  Replication and Repetition
3. (SC.7.N.1.3.)  Experiments versus Investigations
4. (SC.7.N.1.4.)  Experimental Variables
5. (SC.7.N.1.5.)  Science Methods in Various Fields
6. (SC.7.N.1.6.)  Empirical Evidence
7. (SC.7.N.1.7.)  Science Knowledge and Community
8. (SC.7.N.2.1.)  Changing Scientific Knowledge
9. (SC.7.N.3.1.)  Theories, Laws and Evidence
10. (SC.7.N.3.2.)  Scientific Models
1. (SC.7.L.17.1.)  Food Webs and Energy Transfer
2. (SC.7.L.17.2.)  Relationships among Organisms
3. (SC.7.L.17.3.)  Limiting Factors in Ecosystems
Matter and Energy Transformations
1. (SC.8.L.18.1..)  Photosynthesis
2. (SC.8.L.18.2..)  Cellular Respiration
3. (SC.8.L.18.3..)  Model the Carbon Cycle
4. (SC.8.L.18.4..)  Conservation of Mass and Energy