Florida M/J Comprehensive Science 1 Practice

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Earth and Space Science25%
Life Science25%
Physical Science25%
Nature of Science25%
  • Questions: 1,116
  • Technology Enhanced Items: 126
  • Instructional Videos: 67
  • Vocabulary Terms: 250

Test Standards

Earth and Space Science
1. (SC.6.E.6.1.)  Weathering, Erosion, Deposition
2. (SC.6.E.6.2.)  Landforms
3. (SC.6.E.7.1.)  Radiation, Conduction, Convection
4. (SC.6.E.7.3.)  Global Wind And Water Patterns
5. (SC.6.E.7.2.)  Water Cycle - Weather And Climate
6. (SC.6.E.7.4.)  Sphere Interactions
7. (SC.6.E.7.5.)  Solar Energy And Global Patterns
8. (SC.6.E.7.6.)  Weather Vs Climate
9. (SC.6.E.7.7.)  Natural Disasters
10. (SC.6.E.7.8.)  Humans Protect Themselves
11. (SC.6.E.7.9.)  Earth's Atmosphere
Life Science
1. (SC.6.L.14.1)  Hierarchical Organization: Cells To Organisms
2. (SC.6.L.14.2.)  Cell Theory
3. (SC.6.L.14.3.)  Organisms Undergo Similar Processes
4. (SC.6.L.14.4.)  Compare Cell Types And Organelles
5. (SC.6.L.14.5.)  Function Of Major Organ Systems
6. (SC.6.L.14.6.)  Infectious Agents
7. (SC.6.L.15.1.)  Classification Of Life
Physical Science
1. (SC.6.P.11.1.)  Law Of Conservation Of Energy
2. (SC.6.P.12.1.)  Speed - Measure And Graph
3. (SC.6.P.13.1.)  Types Of Forces
4. (SC.6.P.13.2.)  Law Of Gravity
5. (SC.6.P.13.3.)  Unbalanced Forces
Nature of Science
1. (SC.6.N.1.2.)  Scientific Investigations Should Be Replicable
2. (SC.6.N.1.3.)  Differences - Experiments And Other Investigations
3. (SC.6.N.1.4.)  Discuss Methods And Results
4. (SC.6.N.1.5.)  Creating And Explanations
5. (SC.6.N.1.1.)  Scientific Method And 6th Curriculum
6. (SC.6.N.2.1.)  Scientific Thought
7. (SC.6.N.2.2.)  Scientific Knowledge
8. (SC.6.N.2.3.)  Scientists And Their Contributions
9. (SC.6.N.3.1.)  Scientific Theory
10. (SC.6.N.3.2.)  Scientific Law
11. (SC.6.N.3.3.)  Examples Of Laws
12. (SC.6.N.3.4.)  Role Of Models