Georgia Foundations of Algebra (GSE) Practice

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Number Sense and Quantity20%
Arithmetic to Algebra 20%
Proportional Reasoning 20%
Equations and Inequalities20%
Quantitative Reasoning with Functions20%
  • Questions: 4,078
  • Two-Part Items: 374
  • Vocabulary Terms: 229
  • Performance Tasks: 263
  • Instructional Videos: 187

Test Standards

Number Sense and Quantity
1. (MFANSQ1a)  Number Relationships
2. (MFANSQ1b)  Understand A/b
3. (MFANSQ1c)  Decimal Patterns
4. (MFANSQ1d)  Compare
5. (MFANSQ2)  Real Number Line
6. (MFANSQ3a)  Estimate Irrationals
7. (MFANSQ3b)  Add/multiply Rationals/irrationals
8. (MFANSQ4a)  Decimal Operations
9. (MFANSQ4b)  Operations With Rationals
10. (MFANSQ4c)  Solve Problems
11. (MFANSQ4d)  Models And Line Diagrams
12. (MFANSQ4e)  Multi-step Problems
Arithmetic to Algebra
1. (MFAAA1a)  Properties Of Operations
2. (MFAAA1b)  Area Models
3. (MFAAA1c)  Model Expressions
4. (MFAAA1d)  Operate With Expressions
5. (MFAAA1e)  Equivalent Expressions
6. (MFAAA1f)  Evaluate Formulas
7. (MFAAA2a)  Substitute Formulas
8. (MFAAA2b)  Exponent Properties
9. (MFAAA2cd)  Use Radicals
10. (MFAAA2e)  Pythagorean Theorem
Proportional Reasoning
1. (MFAPR1)  Explain Ratios
2. (MFAPR2a)  Relate Proportionality
3. (MFAPR2b)  Part And Whole
4. (MFAPR2c)  Proportional Relationships
5. (MFAPR3a)  Slope
6. (MFAPR3b)  Explain Slope
7. (MFAPR3c)  Compare Proportions
Equations and Inequalities
1. (MFAEI1a)  Use Variables
2. (MFAEI1bcd)  Explain Each Step
3. (MFAEI1e)  Use Variables
4. (MFAEI2a)  Choose Units
5. (MFAEI2b)  Graphs And Displays
6. (MFAEI2c)  Graph Points
7. (MFAEI3a)  Models
8. (MFAEI3b)  Approximate Solutions
9. (MFAEI3cd)  Solutions To Systems
10. (MFAEI4)  Solve Literal Equations
Quantitative Reasoning with Functions
1. (MFAQR1a)  Functions
2. (MFAQR1b)  Relate Domain
3. (MFAQR1c)  Graph Functions
4. (MFAQR2a)  Rates Of Change
5. (MFAQR2b)  Graph Functions
6. (MFAQR2c)  Y = Mx + B
7. (MFAQR2d)  Graph Non-linear
8. (MFAQR2e)  Analyze Graphs
9. (MFAQR2f)  Compare Properties
10. (MFAQR3a)  Write A Function
11. (MFAQR3b)  Use Variables
12. (MFAQR3c)  Function Notation