2nd Grade Science (GSE) Practice

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  • Questions 285
  • Vocabulary Terms 89
  • Performance Tasks 33
  • Instructional Videos 24

Test Standards

  1. (S2E1.a) Physical Attributes of Stars
  2. (S2E1.b) Sun
  1. (S2E2.a) Position of the Sun
  2. (S2E2.b) Shadows
  3. (S2E2.c) Length of Day and Night
  4. (S2E2.d) Pattern of Moon
  1. (S2E3.a) Major Changes to Environment
  2. (S2E3.b) Causes and Effects of Change to Environment
  1. (S2P1.a) Physical Properties
  2. (S2P1.b) Building Structures
  3. (S2P1.c) Reversible or Irreversible
  1. (S2P2.a) Pushing and Pulling
  2. (S2P2.b) Change Speed and Direction
  3. (S2P2.c) Design Solution
  1. (S2L1.a) Sequence of Life Cycles
  2. (S2L1.b) Life Cycle of a Plant
  3. (S2L1.c) Dispersing Seeds and Pollination
  4. (S2L1.d) Diverse Life Cycles

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