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3rd Grade English Language Arts EOG (GSE) Practice

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  • Questions 3,136
  • Vocabulary Terms 147
  • Performance Tasks 140
  • Instructional Videos 96

Test Standards

  1. (ELAGSE3RI1) Ask & answer questions
  2. (ELAGSE3RI2) Determine main idea
  3. (ELAGSE3RI3) Describe relationships
  4. (ELAGSE3RI4) Determine meaning
  5. (ELAGSE3RI5) Use text features
  6. (ELAGSE3RI6) Distinguish point of view
  7. (ELAGSE3RI7) Use information
  8. (ELAGSE3RI8) Describe logical connection
  9. (ELAGSE3RI9) Compare/contrast two texts
  1. (ELAGSE3RL1) Text Understanding
  2. (ELAGSE3RL2) Recount Stories
  3. (ELAGSE3RL3) Describe characters
  4. (ELAGSE3RL4) Determine meaning
  5. (ELAGSE3RL5) Parts of literature
  6. (ELAGSE3RL6) Point of view, purpose
  7. (ELAGSE3RL7) Aspects of illustrations
  8. (ELAGSE3RL9) Compare and contrast
  1. (ELAGSE3L4a) Context clues
  2. (ELAGSE3L4b,c) Use affixes and roots to find meaning
  3. (ELAGSE3RI4d) Use reference sources to find meaning
  4. (ELAGSE3L5c) Understand word relationships
  1. (ELAGSE3W1) Write opinion pieces
  2. (ELAGSE3W2) Write informative texts
  3. (ELAGSE3W3) Write narratives
  4. (ELAGSE3W7) Research projects
  5. (ELAGSE3W8) Recall and gather information
  1. (ELAGSE3L1a,b,c,d,e) Parts of Speech and their Forms
  2. (ELAGSE3L1f,g,h,i) Agreement, adjectives, conjunctions
  3. (ELAGSE3L2a) Capitalization
  4. (ELAGSE3L2bc) Commas
  5. (ELAGSE3L2d) Possessives
  6. (ELAGSE3L2e) Spelling and suffixes
  7. (ELAGSE3L2f) Spelling patterns
  8. (ELAGSE3L2g) Reference materials
  9. (ELAGSE3L3) Conventions for writing, speaking, etc.

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