Grade 3 Science (GSE) Practice

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Rocks and Soils 20%
Fossils 20%
Heat Energy 20%
Georgia Geographic Regions 20%
Pollution 20%
  • Questions 743
  • Vocabulary Terms 111
  • Performance Tasks 42
  • Instructional Videos 26

Test Standards

Rocks and Soils
1. (S3E1.a)  Classify Rocks
2. (S3E1.b)  Soil
3. (S3E1.c)  Water and Wind
1. (S3E2.a)  Fossils
2. (S3E2.b)  How a Fossil is Formed
Heat Energy
1. (S3P1.a)  Sources of Heat Energy
2. (S3P1.b)  Sunlight
3. (S3P1.c)  Warming Effects of Sunlight
Georgia Geographic Regions
1. (S3L1.a)  Local Plants, Animals, and Habitats
2. (S3L1.b)  External Features and Adaptations
3. (S3L1.c)  Habitats
1. (S3L2.a)  Effects of Pollution on Life
2. (S3L2.b)  Conservation and Recycling