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5th Grade Science EOG (GSE) Practice

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  • Questions 1,426
  • Vocabulary Terms 169
  • Performance Tasks 92
  • Instructional Videos 34

Test Standards

  1. (S5E1.a) Surface Features
  2. (S5E1.b) Models of Surface Changes
  3. (S5E1.c) Impact of Constructive and Destructive Processes
  1. (S5P2.a) Human vs. Natural Electricity
  2. (S5P2.b) Circuit
  3. (S5P2.c) Insulator or Conductor
  1. (S5P1.a) Physical Changes
  2. (S5P1.b) Phase Changes
  3. (S5P1.c) Chemical Changes
  1. (S5P3.a) Electromagnet vs. Magnet
  2. (S5P3.b) Magnetic Field and Magnetic Object
  1. (S5L1.a) Animal Classification
  2. (S5L1.b) Plant Classification
  1. (S5L2.a) Instinct and Learned Behaviors
  2. (S5L2.b) Inherited vs. Acquired Traits
  1. (S5L3.a) Made of Cells
  2. (S5L3.b) Organelles
  3. (S5L3.c) Plant vs. Animal Cells
  1. (S5L4.a) Beneficial
  2. (S5L4.b) Harmful

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