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5th Grade Social Studies EOG (GSE) Practice

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  • Questions 1,685
  • Vocabulary Terms 321
  • Performance Tasks 110
  • Instructional Videos 82

Test Standards

  1. (SS5H1.a) Cattle Trails
  2. (SS5H1.b) Late-19th Century Innovations
  3. (SS5H1.c) The Spanish-American War
  4. (SS5H1.d) Late-19th Century Immigration
  5. (SS5H2.a) World War I
  6. (SS5H2.b) 1920s Culture
  7. (SS5H3.a) Start of the Great Depression
  8. (SS5H3.b) The New Deal
  9. (SS5H3.c) 1930s Culture
  10. (SS5H4.a) Axis Aggression
  11. (SS5H4.b) World War II: Major Events
  12. (SS5H4.c) World War II: The Atomic Bomb
  13. (SS5H4.d) World War II: Major Players
  14. (SS5H4.e) World War II: Domestic Effects
  15. (SS5H4.f) The United Nations
  16. (SS5H5.a) The Iron Curtain
  17. (SS5H5.b) 1950s Cold War Conflicts
  18. (SS5H5.c) McCarthy & Khrushchev
  19. (SS5H5.d) 1960s Cold War Conflicts
  20. (SS5H6.a) Jim Crow Laws
  21. (SS5H6.b) Civil Rights: 1950s & 1960s
  22. (SS5H6.c) 1960s Assassinations
  23. (SS5H6.d) 1960s Technologies
  24. (SS5H7.a) The Soviet Collapse
  25. (SS5H7.b) September 11
  26. (SS5H7.c) The Internet Age
  1. (SS5G1.a) Man-Made Places
  2. (SS5G2.a) Geographic Influences on the U.S
  3. (SS5G2.b) Agricultural and Industrial Locations
  1. (SS5CG1.a) Citizen Responsibilities
  2. (SS5CG1.b) Due Process
  3. (SS5CG2.a&b) Amendments & Process
  4. (SS5CG3.a) Voting Rights
  1. (SS5E1.a) Opportunity Cost
  2. (SS5E1.b) Price Incentives
  3. (SS5E1.c) Specialization
  4. (SS5E1.d) Voluntary Exchange
  5. (SS5E2.a) The Household Sector
  6. (SS5E2.b) The Business Sector
  7. (SS5E2.c) The Role of Banks
  8. (SS5E2.d) The Role of Government
  9. (SS5E3.a) Consumer Behavior
  10. (SS5E3.b) Earning Income
  11. (SS5E3.c) Entrepreneurs
  12. (SS5E4 ) A Personal Budget

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