Kindergarten Math (GSE) Practice

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  • Performance Tasks 50
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Test Standards

  1. (MGSEK.CC.1) Count to 100
  2. (MGSEK.CC.2) Count forward
  3. (MGSEK.CC.3) Write numbers
  4. (MGSEK.CC.4) Numbers and quantities
  5. (MGSEK.CC.5) Answer questions
  6. (MGSEK.CC.6) Compare
  7. (MGSEK.CC.7) Compare numerals
  1. (MGSEK.OA.1) Represent addition/subtraction
  2. (MGSEK.OA.2) Word problems
  3. (MGSEK.OA.3) Decompose numbers
  4. (MGSEK.OA.4) Make 10
  5. (MGSEK.OA.5) Add/subtract within 5
  1. (MGSEK.NBT.1) Compose and decompose
  1. (MGSEK.MD.1) Attributes
  2. (MGSEK.MD.2) Compare objects
  3. (MGSEK.MD.3) Classify objects
  1. (MGSEK.G.1) Describe objects
  2. (MGSEK.G.2) Name shapes
  3. (MGSEK.G.3) Identify shapes
  4. (MGSEK.G.4) Compare shapes
  5. (MGSEK.G.5) Model shapes
  6. (MGSEK.G.6) Compose shapes

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