Kindergarten Science (GSE) Practice

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  • Questions 221
  • Vocabulary Terms 0
  • Performance Tasks 16
  • Instructional Videos 11

Test Standards

  1. (SKE1.a) Objects in Day and Night Sky
  2. (SKE1.b) Changes in Sky
  1. (SKE2.a) Identify and Describe Earth Materials
  2. (SKE2.b) Grouping of Rocks
  3. (SKE2.c) Soil
  1. (SKP1.a) Sort Objects
  2. (SKP1.b) Classify Common Objects
  3. (SKP1.c) Sink or Float
  1. (SKP2.a) Force and Motion
  2. (SKP2.b) Best Way to Move Object
  1. (SKL1.a) Living vs. Nonliving
  2. (SKL1.b) Grouping Living and Nonliving
  1. (SKL2.a) Grouping Animals
  2. (SKL2.b) Grouping Plants
  3. (SKL2.c) Parents and Offspring

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