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Advanced Mathematical Decision Making (GSE) Practice

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  • Questions 1,313
  • Vocabulary Terms 114
  • Performance Tasks 39
  • Instructional Videos 41

Test Standards

  1. (MAMDMN1.a) Proportional reasoning
  2. (MAMDMN1.b) Averages and indices
  3. (MAMDMN1.c) Large quantities
  4. (MAMDMN1.d) Identification numbers
  1. (MAMDMA1.a) Represent with vectors
  2. (MAMDMA1.b) Represent using matrices
  3. (MAMDMA2.a) Paths and spanning trees
  4. (MAMDMA2.b) Flow charts
  5. (MAMDMA2.c) Project scheduling
  6. (MAMDMA2.d) Coloring graphs
  7. (MAMDMA3.a) Exponential models
  8. (MAMDMA3.b) Income and expenditures
  9. (MAMDMA4.a) Voting and selection
  10. (MAMDMA4.b) Ranking algorithms
  1. (MAMDMG1) Represent authentic situations
  2. (MAMDMG2) Inaccessible distances
  1. (MAMDMD1.a) Conditional and compound probability
  2. (MAMDMD1.b) Risks
  3. (MAMDMD1.c) Fairness, payoff, and risk
  4. (MAMDMD2) Reported information
  5. (MAMDMD3) Statistical studies
  6. (MAMDMD4.a) Discrete or continuous
  7. (MAMDMD4.b) Construct a model

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