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Calculus (GSE) Practice

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  • Questions 1,079
  • Vocabulary Terms 63
  • Performance Tasks 35
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Test Standards

  1. (MCA1.a) Limits - algebraic
  2. (MCA1.b) Limits - graphical
  3. (MCA2.a) Limit properties
  4. (MCA2.b) Estimate limits
  5. (MCA2.c) Limits with infinity
  6. (MCA2.d) Continuity
  7. (MCA3.a) Sketch graphs
  8. (MCA3.b) Graph features
  9. (MCA3.c) Optimization
  1. (MCD1.a) Tangent slope
  2. (MCD1.b) Rate of change
  3. (MCD1.c) Problems
  4. (MCD1.d) Differentiability and continuity
  5. (MCD1.e) Derivative formulas
  6. (MCD2.a) Chain rule
  7. (MCD2.b) Implicit differentiation
  8. (MCD2.c) Rolle and MVT
  1. (MCI1.a) Definition of integral
  2. (MCI1.b) Fundamental Theorem
  3. (MCI1.c) Integral problems
  4. (MCI1.d) Substitution

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