Georgia Earth Systems (GSE) Practice

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Earth's Place in the Solar System 17%
Plate Tectonics 17%
Landscape Changes 17%
History of Earth 17%
Solar Energy 16%
Life on Earth 16%
  • Questions 898
  • Vocabulary Terms 227
  • Performance Tasks 76
  • Instructional Videos 31

Test Standards

Earth's Place in the Solar System
1. (SES1.a)  Origin of the Solar System
2. (SES1.b)  Early Earth
3. (SES1.c)  Earth's Layers
Plate Tectonics
1. (SES2.a)  Mechanisms for Plate Tectonics
2. (SES2.b)  Types of Plate Boundaries
3. (SES2.c)  Geologic Features and Plate Tectonics
4. (SES2.d)  Rock Types and Plate Tectonics
5. (SES2.e)  Evidence of Plate Tectonics
Landscape Changes
1. (SES3.a)  Water and Weathering
2. (SES3.b)  Mass Wasting
3. (SES3.c)  Erosion and Landforms
4. (SES3.d)  Deposition
History of Earth
1. (SES4.a)  Age of Rocks
2. (SES4.b)  Geologic Cross-Sections
3. (SES4.c)  Rock and Fossil Succession
4. (SES4.d)  Uniformitarianism
5. (SES4.e)  Major Earth Transitions
Solar Energy
1. (SES5.a)  Latitude and Heat Distribution
2. (SES5.b)  Air Masses and Weather
3. (SES5.c)  Weather Patterns
4. (SES5.d)  Climate Zones
5. (SES5.e)  Extreme Weather
6. (SES5.f)  Changes in Global Climate
Life on Earth
1. (SES6.a)  Major Events and Life
2. (SES6.b)  Biological Processes Cause Changes
3. (SES6.c)  Uneven Distribution of Humans
4. (SES6.d)  Changes in Global Climate