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Ecology (GSE) Practice

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  • Questions 1,582
  • Vocabulary Terms 249
  • Performance Tasks 139
  • Instructional Videos 56

Test Standards

  1. (SEC1.a) Habitats
  2. (SEC1.b) Georgia Habitats
  3. (SEC1.c) Sustainability of Biodiversity
  1. (SEC2.a) Population Density and Growth
  2. (SEC2.b) Population Dispersion
  3. (SEC2.c) Natural Selection
  1. (SEC3.a) Species Interactions and Adaptations
  2. (SEC3.b) Niches
  3. (SEC3.c) Impact of Georgia Speices
  4. (SEC3.d) Species Diversity
  5. (SEC3.e) Ecological Succession
  1. (SEC4.a) Nitrogen and Phosphorous
  2. (SEC4.b) Carbon Cycle
  3. (SEC4.c) Thermodynamics and Conservation
  4. (SEC4.d) Net Primary Productivity and Biodiversity
  1. (SEC5.a) Sustainable and Non-Sustainable
  2. (SEC5.b) Climate Change
  3. (SEC5.c) Island Biogeography
  4. (SEC5.d) Reduce Impact on Georgia

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