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Forensic Science (GSE) Practice

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  • Questions 535
  • Vocabulary Terms 258
  • Performance Tasks 44
  • Instructional Videos 29

Test Standards

  1. (SFS1.a) History of Techniques and Admissibility
  2. (SFS1.b) Crime Scene Analysis
  3. (SFS1.c) Relevance of Evidence
  4. (SFS1.d) Analyze and Communicate Crime Scene
  1. (SFS2.a) Physical and Trace Evidence Value
  2. (SFS2.b) Hair, Fibers, Soil, and Glass
  3. (SFS2.c) Handwriting and Document
  4. (SFS2.d) Digital Sources
  5. (SFS2.e) Chromatography and Spectroscopy
  1. (SFS3.a) Toxins, Poisons, and Drugs
  2. (SFS3.b) Blood Alcohol Content
  3. (SFS3.c) Human vs. Animal Blood
  4. (SFS3.d) Bloodstain Patterns
  5. (SFS3.e) DNA
  1. (SFS4.a) Fingerprints
  2. (SFS4.b/c) Impressions
  1. (SFS5.a) Causes of Death
  2. (SFS5.b) Manner of Death
  3. (SFS5.c) Post-Mortem
  4. (SFS5.d) Insects and Decomposition
  5. (SFS5.e) Anthropological Profile

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