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Forensic Science (prior version) Practice

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  • Questions 1,448
  • Vocabulary Terms 257
  • Performance Tasks 94
  • Instructional Videos 45

Test Standards

  1. (SCSh1) Further Understanding
  2. (SCSh2) Safety
  3. (SCSh3) Investigate Scientifically
  4. (SCSh4) Scientific Tools
  5. (SCSh5) Analyze Data
  6. (SCSh6) Communicate Findings
  7. (SCSh7) Scientific Knowledge
  8. (SCSh8) Scientific Inquiry
  1. (SFS1a) History of Forensics
  2. (SFS1b) Physical vs. Trace Evidence
  3. (SFS1c) Proper Technique
  4. (SFS1d) Relevance of Evidence
  5. (SFS1e) Organize Information
  1. (SFS2a) Fingerprint Collection Techniques
  2. (SFS2b) Hair, Fibers, Soil, and Glass
  3. (SFS2c) Post Mortem Changes
  4. (SFS2d) Handwriting and Documents
  5. (SFS2e) Chromatography and Spectroscopy
  1. (SFS3a) Toxins
  2. (SFS3b) Effects of Alcohol
  3. (SFS3c) Techniques to Isolate Toxins
  4. (SFS3d) Human vs. Animal Blood
  5. (SFS3e) Blood Stain Patterns
  6. (SFS3f) DNA
  7. (SFS3g) DNA Profiling
  1. (SFS4a) Firearm Lab Tests
  2. (SFS4b) Trajectory
  3. (SFS4c) Tool Marks and Impressions
  4. (SFS4d) Arson and Bombs
  1. (SFS5a) Causes of Death
  2. (SFS5b) Manner of Death

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