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American Literature and Composition EOC (GSE) Practice

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  • Questions 4,960
  • Vocabulary Terms 212
  • Performance Tasks 218
  • Instructional Videos 109

Test Standards

  1. (ELAGSE11-12RL1) Cite textual evidence
  2. (ELAGSE11-12RL2) Determine themes/central ideas
  3. (ELAGSE11-12RL3) Impact of author's choices
  4. (ELAGSE11-12RL4) Meaning of words/phrases
  5. (ELAGSE11-12RL5) Impact of author's structure choices
  6. (ELAGSE11-12RL6) Distinguish indirect meaning
  7. (ELAGSE11-12RL7) Multiple Interpretations
  8. (ELAGSE11-12RL9) Demonstrate knowledge
  1. (ELAGSE11-12RI1) Cite textual evidence
  2. (ELAGSE11-12RI2) Determine themes/central ideas
  3. (ELAGSE11-12RI3) Analyze complex ideas/events
  4. (ELAGSE11-12RI4) Word Meanings
  5. (ELAGSE11-12RI5) Analyze/evaluate effectiveness of structure
  6. (ELAGSE11-12RI6) Determine point of view/purpose
  7. (ELAGSE11-12RI7) Integrate/evaluate sources of info.
  8. (ELAGSE11-12RI8) Delineate/evaluate reasoning
  9. (ELAGSE11-12RI9) Analyze foundational U.S. documents
  1. (ELAGSE11-12L4a) Use context as a clue
  2. (ELAGSE11-12L4b) Patterns of word changes
  3. (ELAGSE11-12L4c) Consult reference materials
  4. (ELAGSE11-12L5a) Interpret figures of speech
  5. (ELAGSE11-12L5b) Nuances
  1. (ELAGSE11-12W1a) Precise claims
  2. (ELAGSE11-12W1b) Develop claims/counterclaims
  3. (ELAGSE11-12W1c) Link major sections of text
  4. (ELAGSE11-12W1d) Formal style/objective tone
  5. (ELAGSE11-12W1e) Provide concluding statement
  6. (ELAGSE11-12W2a) Introduce a topic
  7. (ELAGSE11-12W2b) Develop the topic
  8. (ELAGSE11-12L3a) Vary syntax
  9. (ELAGSE11-12W2c) Use transitions
  10. (ELAGSE11-12W2d) Use precise language
  11. (ELAGSE11-12W2f) Concluding statement/section
  12. (ELAGSE11-12W3a) Engage/orient the reader
  13. (ELAGSE11-12W3b) Use narrative techniques
  14. (ELAGSE11-12W3c) Sequence events
  15. (ELAGSE11-12W3d) Use precise words/phrases
  16. (ELAGSE11-12W3e) Provide a conclusion
  17. (ELAGSE11-12W4) Produce clear/coherent writing
  18. (ELAGSE11-12W5) Develop/strengthen writing
  19. (ELAGSE11-12W7) Conduct research projects
  20. (ELAGSE11-12W8) Gather info. from print/digital sources
  1. (ELAGSE3L1f) Agreement
  2. (ELAGSE11-12L1a) Usage as convention
  3. (ELAGSE11-12L2a) Hyphenation conventions
  4. (ELAGSE11-12L2b) Spell correctly.
  5. (ELAGSE11-12L3a) Vary syntax
  1. (ELAGSE11-12SL2) Integrate, Decide, Solve
  2. (ELAGSE11-12SL3) POV, Reasoning, Evidence
  3. (ELAGSE11-12SL4) Present Information
  4. (ELAGSE11-12SL5) Digital Media
  5. (ELACC11-12RI4) Meaning of words/phrases

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