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Anatomy & Physiology (prior version) Practice

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  • Questions 1,357
  • Vocabulary Terms 309
  • Performance Tasks 64
  • Instructional Videos 52

Test Standards

  1. (SAP1.a.) Terminology
  2. (SAP1.b.) Interdependence of body system
  3. (SAP1.c.) Homeostasis
  4. (SAP1.d.) Cellular metabolism, transport, and reproduction
  5. (SAP1.e..) Cell & tissue type
  1. (SAP2.a.) Integumentary system
  2. (SAP2.b.) Skeletal/muscular system
  1. (SAP3.a.) Interactions among hormones, senses, and nerves
  2. (SAP3.b.) Electrochemical impulses and neural integration
  3. (SAP3.c.) Biofeedback and internal and external stimuli
  1. (SAP4.a.) Food, energy, and systems
  2. (SAP4.b.) Relationship between respiratory & cardiovascular systems
  3. (SAP4.c.) Urinary system
  4. (SAP4.d.) Change in body functions
  5. (SAP4.e.) Aging
  1. (SAP5.a.) Hormones and reproductive organs
  2. (SAP5.b.) Embryology and gestation
  3. (SAP5.c.) Stages of Life

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