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Physics (GSE) Practice

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  • Questions 2,232
  • Vocabulary Terms 277
  • Performance Tasks 154
  • Instructional Videos 77

Test Standards

  1. (SP1.a) One-Dimensional Motion
  2. (SP1.b) Motion Graphs
  3. (SP1.c) Scalar and Vector Quantities
  4. (SP1.d) Two-Dimensional Motion
  1. (SP2.a) Newton's Laws of Motion
  2. (SP2.b) Free Body Diagram
  3. (SP2.c) Force Magnitude and Vector
  4. (SP2.d) Circular Motion
  5. (SP2.e) Universal Law of Gravitation
  1. (SP3.a) Open and Closed Systems
  2. (SP3.b) Work-Kinetic Energy Theorem
  3. (SP3.c) Conservation and Rate of Transfer or Energy
  4. (SP3.d) Conservation of Momentum
  1. (SP4.a) Waves and Energy
  2. (SP4.b) Interference and Diffraction
  3. (SP4.c) Sound Waves
  4. (SP4.d) Electromagnetic Waves
  5. (SP4.e) Light
  6. (SP4.f) Lenses
  7. (SP4.g) Diffraction
  1. (SP5.a) Two Charged Objects
  2. (SP5.b) Charge Transfer
  3. (SP5.c) Electric Potential Energy
  4. (SP5.d) Direct Current Circuits
  5. (SP5.e) Electric Currents and Magnetic Fields
  1. (SP6.a) Decay, Fission, and Fusion
  2. (SP6.b) Radioactive Decay
  3. (SP6.c) Half-Life

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