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Statistical Reasoning (GSE) Practice

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  • Questions 720
  • Vocabulary Terms 83
  • Performance Tasks 58
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Test Standards

  1. (MSRFQ1.a) Formulate questions
  2. (MSRFQ1.b) Design a plan
  3. (MSRFQ1.c) Graphical & numerical methods
  4. (MSRFQ1.d) Interpret analysis
  5. (MSRFQ2.a) Determine display
  6. (MSRFQ2.b) Determine data
  1. (MSRCD1.a.i) Population distribution
  2. (MSRCD1.a.ii) Sample distributions
  3. (MSRCD1.a.iii) Sampling mean distribution
  4. (MSRCD1.b) Create distributions
  5. (MSRCD2) Assign treatments
  6. (MSRCD3) Study design and scope
  7. (MSRCD4.a) Reduce bias
  8. (MSRCD4.bc) Randomization
  1. (MSRAD1.a) Quantitative distribution
  2. (MSRAD1.b) Categorical distribution
  3. (MSRAD2) Compare groups
  4. (MSRAD3.a) Analyze association
  5. (MSRAD3.b) Make predictions
  6. (MSRAD3.c) Association vs causation
  1. (MSRIR1.a) Parameter difference
  2. (MSRIR1.b) Treatment difference
  3. (MSRIR2.a) Margin of error
  4. (MSRIR2.b) P-value

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