GA Milestones US History EOC Practice

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Colonization Through the Constitution 16%
New Republic Through Reconstruction 20%
Industrialization, Reform, & Imperialism 16%
Establishment as a World Power 24%
Post-World War II to the Present 24%
  • Questions 3,919
  • Vocabulary Terms 594
  • Performance Tasks 221
  • Instructional Videos 238

Test Standards

Colonization Through the Constitution
1. (SSUSH1)  English Colonization
2. (SSUSH2.a&b)  A Diverse Population
3. (SSUSH2.c)  Salutary Neglect
4. (SSUSH2.d)  The Great Awakening
5. (SSUSH3.a)  The French & Indian War
6. (SSUSH3.b&c)  Causes of the American Revolution
7. (SSUSH4.a)  The Declaration of Independence
8. (SSUSH4.b-f)  The American Revolution
9. (SSUSH5.a&b)  The Articles of Confederation
10. (SSUSH5.c-e)  The Constitutional Convention
New Republic Through Reconstruction
1. (SSUSH6.a)  President George Washington
2. (SSUSH6.b)  President John Adams
3. (SSUSH6.c)  The Jeffersonian Era
4. (SSUSH6.d)  The Madison Presidency
5. (SSUSH6.e)  The Monroe Presidency
6. (SSUSH7.a)  Jacksonian Democracy
7. (SSUSH7.b)  The American System
8. (SSUSH7.c)  The Second Great Awakening
9. (SSUSH7.d)  Early Abolition
10. (SSUSH8.a&b)  Westward Expansion
11. (SSUSH8.c)  The Mexican War
12. (SSUSH8.d&e)  The Eve of War
13. (SSUSH9.a)  Sectional Differences
14. (SSUSH9.b)  Lincoln's War Powers
15. (SSUSH9.c&d)  People & Battles
16. (SSUSH10.a&b )  Reconstruction
17. (SSUSH10.c&d)  Rights & Resistance
18. (SSUSH10.e)  Ending Reconstruction
Industrialization, Reform, & Imperialism
1. (SSUSH11.a-c)  The Industrial Era
2. (SSUSH11.d&e)  Late-19th Century Immigration & Labor
3. (SSUSH12.a)  The Transcontinental Railroad
4. (SSUSH12.b&c)  The End of the Frontier
5. (SSUSH13.a&b)  Progressive Era Muckrakers & Reformers
6. (SSUSH13.c)  The Early Jim Crow Era
7. (SSUSH13.d)  Progressive Legislation
8. (SSUSH14.a)  The Spanish-American War
9. (SSUSH14.b)  U.S. & Imperialism
Establishment as a World Power
1. (SSUSH15.a)  World War I: Neutrality to War
2. (SSUSH15.b)  World War I: The Homefront
3. (SSUSH15.c)  Wilson's Peace Plan
4. (SSUSH16.a)  The First Red Scare
5. (SSUSH16.b)  Post-War Amendments
6. (SSUSH16.c)  Mass Production
7. (SSUSH16.d&e)  Post-War Culture
8. (SSUSH17)  The Great Depression: Causes
9. (SSUSH18)  The New Deal
10. (SSUSH19.a)  World War II: Causes
11. (SSUSH19.b)  World War II: The Pacific
12. (SSUSH19.c)  World War II: Europe
13. (SSUSH19.d&e)  World War II: The Home Front
Post-World War II to the Present
1. (SSUSH20.a)  The Early Cold War
2. (SSUSH20.b&c)  Post-War Changes
3. (SSUSH21.a)  Cuba & Vietnam
4. (SSUSH21.b)  LBJ's "Great Society"
5. (SSUSH21.c)  New Technologies
6. (SSUSH21.d)  The Civil Rights Movement
7. (SSUSH21.e)  1968
8. (SSUSH22.a)  1970s Foreign Policy
9. (SSUSH22.b)  1970s Domestic Policy
10. (SSUSH23)  Reagan to Obama