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World Geography (GSE) Practice

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  • Vocabulary Terms 315
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Test Standards

  1. (SSWG1.a) North American Physical Features
  2. (SSWG1.b) Central & South America Physical Features
  3. (SSWG1.c) European Physical Features
  4. (SSWG1.d) African Physical Features
  5. (SSWG1.e) Central & SW Asia Physical Features
  6. (SSWG1.f) Asian Physical Features
  7. (SSWG1.g) Oceania's Physical Features
  8. (SSWG1.h) Spatial Distribution of Resources
  1. (SSWG2.a) Ethnic Landscapes
  2. (SSWG2.b) Language's Impact
  3. (SSWG2.c) Effects of Religions
  4. (SSWG2.d) Culture & Gender
  5. (SSWG2.e) Cultural Diffusion & Convergence
  1. (SSWG3.a) Political Boundaries
  2. (SSWG3.b) Global Participation
  3. (SSWG3.c) Cultural Conflicts
  4. (SSWG3.d) Global Power
  1. (SSWG4.a) Population Patterns
  2. (SSWG4.b) Population Policies
  3. (SSWG4.c) Push & Pull Factors
  4. (SSWG4.d) Migration & Effects
  1. (SSWG5.a) Agricultural Practices
  2. (SSWG5.b) Water Rights
  3. (SSWG5.c) Effects of Industrialization
  4. (SSWG5.d) Natural Disasters
  5. (SSWG5.e) Global Trade Systems
  1. (SSWG6.a) Economic Development
  2. (SSWG6.b) Economic Activities
  3. (SSWG6.c) Site and Situation
  4. (SSWG6.d) Urbanization Patterns
  5. (SSWG6.e) International Trade

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