Zoology (GPS) Practice

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Phylogeny 20%
Evolutionary History 20%
Form and Function 20%
Interact with Environment 20%
Humans and Other Animals 20%
  • Questions 590
  • Vocabulary Terms 200
  • Performance Tasks 54
  • Instructional Videos 17

Test Standards

1. (SZ1.a)  Classification
2. (SZ1.b)  Phylogenetic Context
3. (SZ1.d)  Types of Data
Evolutionary History
1. (SZ2.a)  Geological History
2. (SZ2.b)  Evolution
3. (SZ2.c)  Fossil Record
Form and Function
1. (SZ3.a)  Body Plans
2. (SZ3.b)  Taxa Comparisons
3. (SZ3.c)  Structure and Function
4. (SZ3.d)  Dissect
Interact with Environment
1. (SZ4.a)  Adaptations
2. (SZ4.b)  Behaviors
3. (SZ4.c)  Life Cycles
Humans and Other Animals
1. (SZ5.a)  Humans and the Environment
2. (SZ5.b)  Species Diversity
3. (SZ5.c)  Preservation
4. (SZ5.d)  Humans and Biodiversity