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6th Grade English Language Arts EOG (GSE) Practice

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  • Questions 6,632
  • Vocabulary Terms 250
  • Performance Tasks 335
  • Instructional Videos 142

Test Standards

  1. (ELAGSE6RL1) Cite textual evidence
  2. (ELAGSE6RL2) Determine theme/central idea
  3. (ELAGSE6RL3) Describe how plot unfolds
  4. (ELAGSE6RL4) Meaning of words/phrases
  5. (ELAGSE6RL5) Analyze fit in overall structure
  6. (ELAGSE6RL6) Point of view
  7. (ELAGSE6RL9) Compare/contrast texts
  1. (ELAGSE6RI1) Cite textual evidence
  2. (ELAGSE6RI2) Determine central idea
  3. (ELAGSE6RI3) Analyze in detail
  4. (ELAGSE6RI4) Meaning of words/phrases
  5. (ELAGSE6RI5) Analyze fit in overall structure
  6. (ELGSE6RI6) Point of view
  7. (ELAGSE6RI7) Integrate information
  8. (ELACC6RI8) Trace/evaluate argument/claims
  9. (ELAGSE6RI9) Compare/contrast presentation
  1. (ELAGSE6L4a) Use context as a clue
  2. (ELAGSE6L4b) Use Greek/Latin affixes & roots
  3. (ELAGSE6L4c) Consult reference materials
  4. (ELAGSE6L5a) Interpret figures of speech
  5. (ELAGSE6L5b) Relationship between words
  6. (ELAGSE6L5c) Connotations of words
  1. (ELAGSE6W1a) Introduce claim(s)
  2. (ELAGSE6W1b) Support claim(s)
  3. (ELAGSE6W1c) Clarify relationships among claim(s)
  4. (ELAGSE6W1d) Establish/maintain formal style
  5. (ELAGSE6W1e) Concluding statement/section
  6. (ELAGSE6W2a) Introduce a topic
  7. (ELAGSE6W2b) Develop the topic
  8. (ELAGSE6W2c) Use transitions
  9. (ELAGSE6W2d) Use precise language
  10. (ELAGSE6W2f) Concluding statement/section
  11. (ELAGSE6W3b) Use narrative techniques
  12. (ELAGSE6W3c) Convey sequence/signal shifts
  13. (ELAGSE6W3d) Use precise words/phrases
  14. (ELAGSE6W3e) Provide a conclusion
  15. (ELAGSE6W8) Gather info. from print/digital sources
  1. (ELAGSE6L1a) Pronouns in proper case
  2. (ELAGSE6L1b) Use intensive pronouns
  3. (ELAGSE6L1c) Shifts in pronoun number/person
  4. (ELAGSE6L1d) Vague pronouns
  5. (ELAGSE6L1e) Variations from standard English
  6. (ELAGSE6L2a) Use punctuation
  7. (ELAGSE6L2b) Spell correctly
  8. (ELAGSE6L3a) Vary sentence patterns
  9. (ELAGSE6L3b) Maintain consistent style/tone

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