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6th Grade Science (GSE) Practice

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  • Questions 3,892
  • Vocabulary Terms 356
  • Performance Tasks 160
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Test Standards

  1. (S6E1.a) Origin Theories
  2. (S6E1.b) Position in Universe
  3. (S6E1.c) Planets
  4. (S6E1.d) Gravity and Inertia
  5. (S6E1.e) Comets, Asteroids, and Meteroids
  1. (S6E2.a) Moon Phases
  2. (S6E2.b) Eclipse
  3. (S6E2.c) Seasons
  1. (S6E3.a) Location of Water
  2. (S6E3.b) Water Cycle
  3. (S6E3.c) Ocean Topography
  4. (S6E3.d) Waves, Currents, and Tides
  1. (S6E4.a) Atmospheric Layers
  2. (S6E4.b) Heat Transfer
  3. (S6E4.c) Wind
  4. (S6E4.d) Meteorological Events
  5. (S6E4.e) Oceans and Weather
  1. (S6E5.a) Earth's Layers
  2. (S6E5.b) Minerals
  3. (S6E5.c) Rock Cycle
  4. (S6E5.d) Weathering and Erosion
  5. (S6E5.e) Natural and Human Activities
  6. (S6E5.f) Plate Tectonics
  7. (S6E5.g) Fossils and Climate
  8. (S6E5.h) Soil
  1. (S6E6.a) Energy Resources
  2. (S6E6.b) Sustainability
  3. (S6E6.c) Climate Change

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