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6th Grade Social Studies (GSE) Practice

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  • Questions 3,406
  • Vocabulary Terms 289
  • Performance Tasks 84
  • Instructional Videos 69

Test Standards

  1. (SS6H1.a) Slavery and Latin America
  2. (SS6H1.b) Spanish & Portuguese Influence
  3. (SS6H1.c) The Cuban Revolution
  4. (SS6H1.d) Modern Challenges
  5. (SS6H2) Quebec's Movement
  6. (SS6G1.a) Latin American Physical Features
  7. (SS6G1.b) Latin American Countries
  8. (SS6G2.a&b) Environmental Issues
  9. (SS6G3) Natural Resources
  10. (SS6G4) Physical Features of Canada
  11. (SS6G5) Canada's Location
  12. (SS6G6) Environmental Issues in Canada
  13. (SS6CG1) Latin American Governments
  14. (SS6CG2) Canadian Government
  15. (SS6E1) Latin American Economic Systems
  16. (SS6E2) Voluntary Exchange in Latin America
  17. (SS6E3) Economic Growth in Latin America
  18. (SS6E4) Canada's Economy
  19. (SS6E5) Voluntary Trade in Canada
  20. (SS6E6) Economic Growth in Canada
  1. (SS6H3.a) Impact of World War I
  2. (SS6H3.b) The Holocaust
  3. (SS6H3.c) The Cold War Ends
  4. (SS6G7.a) Europe's Physical Features
  5. (SS6G7.b) European Countries
  6. (SS6G8) Environmental Issues
  7. (SS6G9) Germany, UK, & Russia
  8. (SS6G10.a) Languages of Europe
  9. (SS6G10.b) Religions in Europe
  10. (SS6CG3) European Government
  11. (SS6E7) European Economic Systems
  12. (SS6E8.a-c) European Voluntary Trade
  13. (SS6E8.d) The European Union
  14. (SS6E9) European Economic Growth
  1. (SS6H4) Aboriginal Culture
  2. (SS6G11) Physical Features of Australia
  3. (SS6G12) Australia's Population Distribution
  4. (SS6CG4) Australian Government
  5. (SS6E10) Australia's Economic System
  6. (SS6E11) Voluntary Trade in Australia
  7. (SS6E12) Australian Economic Growth
  8. (SS6E13) Money Management

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