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Georgia Grade 8 Georgia Studies (GSE) Practice

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Test Standards

  1. (SS8H1.a) Native Americans in Georgia
  2. (SS8H1.b) European Exploration
  3. (SS8H1.c) Spanish Contact
  4. (SS8H2.a&b) Oglethorpe in Georgia
  5. (SS8H2.c) Georgia's Diverse Settlers
  6. (SS8H2.d) A Royal Colony
  7. (SS8H2.e) The Colonial Economy
  8. (SS8H3.a) Causes of the Revolution
  9. (SS8H3.b) The Declaration of Independence
  10. (SS8H3.c) Loyalists & Patriots
  11. (SS8H3.d) Articles of Confederation
  12. (SS8H4.a) Founding of UGA
  13. (SS8H4.b) Early Land Policies
  14. (SS8H4.c) Early Technological Developments
  15. (SS8H4.d) McIntosh & the Creeks
  16. (SS8H4.e) Cherokee Removal
  17. (SS8H5.a) Causes of the Civil War
  18. (SS8H5.b) Georgia's Role in the Civil War
  19. (SS8H6.a) "Civil War" Amendments
  20. (SS8H6.b) Reconstruction Plans
  21. (SS8H6.c) Freemen's Bureau & the KKK
  22. (SS8H6.d) African Americans in Reconstruction Government
  23. (SS8H6.e) Reconstruction-era Economy
  24. (SS8H7.a) The "New South"
  25. (SS8H7.b) "Jim Crow" Georgia Begins
  26. (SS8H7.c) African Americans in the "New South"
  27. (SS8H7.d) Antisemitism in the "New South"
  28. (SS8H8.a) Georgia in World War I
  29. (SS8H8.b) The Great Depression
  30. (SS8H8.c) Talmadge & the New Deal
  31. (SS8H8.d) FDR in Georgia
  32. (SS8H8.e) The New Deal
  33. (SS8H9.a) Causes of World War II
  34. (SS8H9.b) Georgia in WWII
  35. (SS8H9.c) Russell & Vinson
  36. (SS8H10.a) Changing Agriculture
  37. (SS8H10.b) Hartsfield & Allen
  38. (SS8H10.c) The 1946 Governor's Race
  39. (SS8H11.a) Desegregation in Georgia
  40. (SS8H11.b) The Civil Rights Movement
  41. (SS8H11.c) Resistance to Civil Rights
  42. (SS8H12.a) Jackson & Young
  43. (SS8H12.b) Governor Jimmy Carter
  44. (SS8H12.c) The 1996 Olympics
  45. (SS8H12.d) 21st Century Georgia
  1. (SS8G1.a) Georgia' Location
  2. (SS8G1.b) Georgia's Regions
  3. (SS8G1.c) Physical Features of Georgia
  4. (SS8G1.d) Water in Georgia
  1. (SS8CG1.a) Georgia's Constitution
  2. (SS8CG1.b) Branches of Government
  3. (SS8CG1.c) Rights & Responsibilities
  4. (SS8CG1.d) Voting Qualifications
  5. (SS8CG1.e) The Georgia Flag
  6. (SS8CG2.a&b) The General Assembly
  7. (SS8CG2.c) The Legislative Process
  8. (SS8CG2.d) State Revenue
  9. (SS8CG3.a) The Governor
  10. (SS8CG3.b) The Executive Branch
  11. (SS8CG4.a&b) The Judicial Branch
  12. (SS8CG4.c) Criminal vs. Civil Law
  13. (SS8CG4.d) Adult Criminal Justice
  14. (SS8CG5.a) Delinquent vs. Unruly Behavior
  15. (SS8CG5.b) Rights of Juveniles
  16. (SS8CG5.c) Juvenile Justice
  17. (SS8CG6.a) Levels of Government
  18. (SS8CG6.b) Local Revenue
  1. (SS8E1.a) Georgia's Transportation Systems
  2. (SS8E1.b) Transportation & Jobs
  3. (SS8E2.a) Entrepreneurs
  4. (SS8E2.b) Starting a Business
  5. (SS8E2.c) Entrepreneurs in Georgia
  6. (SS8E3.a-d) Personal Budgeting

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