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8th Grade Science EOG (GSE) Practice

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  • Questions 4,084
  • Vocabulary Terms 184
  • Performance Tasks 185
  • Instructional Videos 75

Test Standards

  1. (S8P1.a) Pure Substances and Mixtures
  2. (S8P1.b) Phases of Matter
  3. (S8P1.c) Chemical and Physical Properties
  4. (S8P1.d) Chemical and Physical Changes
  5. (S8P1.e) Atomic Structure
  6. (S8P1.f) Conservation of Matter
  1. (S8P2.a) Kinetic and Potential Energy
  2. (S8P2.b) Energy Transformation (Kinetic and Potential)
  3. (S8P2.c) Energy Transformation
  4. (S8P2.d) Heat Transfer
  1. (S8P3.a) Speed, Distance, Velocity, and Acceleration
  2. (S8P3.b) Balanced and Unbalanced Forces
  3. (S8P3.c) Force and Inertia
  1. (S8P4.a) Electromagnetic vs Mechanical Waves
  2. (S8P4.b) Electromagnetic Spectrum
  3. (S8P4.c) Applications of Electromagnetic Spectrum
  4. (S8P4.d) Movement of Waves
  5. (S8P4.e) Density and Waves
  6. (S8P4.f) Wave Properties and Energy
  7. (S8P4.g) Lenses
  1. (S8P5.a) Force Fields
  2. (S8P5.b) Conductors and Insulators
  3. (S8P5.c) Strength of Forces

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