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7th Grade Social Studies (GSE) Practice

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  • Questions 3,444
  • Vocabulary Terms 273
  • Performance Tasks 78
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Test Standards

  1. (SS7H1.a) Decolonization of Africa
  2. (SS7H1.b) Pan-Africa Movement
  3. (SS7H1.c) Apartheid in South Africa
  4. (SS7G1.a) Physical Features in Africa
  5. (SS7G1.b) African Countries
  6. (SS7G2.a) Water Issues
  7. (SS7G2.b) Deforestation
  8. (SS7G2.c) Desertification
  9. (SS7G3.a) Population Distribution
  10. (SS7G4.a&b) Cultural Characteristics
  11. (SS7CG1.a&b) Citizen Participation
  12. (SS7CG1.c) Role of Citizens
  13. (SS7CG2.a) Governmental Instability
  14. (SS7E1) Economic Systems
  15. (SS7E2) Voluntary Trade
  16. (SS7E3) Economic Growth
  1. (SS7H2.a) Middle East Partition
  2. (SS7H2.b) Creating Israel
  3. (SS7H2.c) Modern Middle East Conflicts
  4. (SS7H2.d) U.S. in the Middle East
  5. (SS7G5.a) Middle East Physical Features
  6. (SS7G5.b) Middle East Countries
  7. (SS7G6) Importance of Water
  8. (SS7G7) Impact of Deserts
  9. (SS7G8.a&b) Cultural Characteristics
  10. (SS7G8.c) Middle East Religions
  11. (SS7CG3) Forms of Government
  12. (SS7E4) Economic Systems
  13. (SS7E5.a-c) Voluntary Trade
  14. (SS7E5.d) OPEC
  15. (SS7E6) Economic Growth
  1. (SS7H3.a&b) India's Independence
  2. (SS7H3.c) Post-War Japan
  3. (SS7H3.d) Communist China
  4. (SS7H3.e) Korea & Vietnam
  5. (SS7G9.a) South & Eastern Asian Physical Features
  6. (SS7G9.b) South & East Asian Countries
  7. (SS7G10.a&b) Impact of Pollution
  8. (SS7G11.a) Impact of Geography
  9. (SS7G12.a&b) Cultural Characteristics
  10. (SS7CG4.a&b) Forms of Government
  11. (SS7E7) Economic Systems
  12. (SS7E8) Voluntary Trade
  13. (SS7E9) Economic Growth
  14. (SS7E10) Money Management

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