Georgia Physical Science EOC (GSE) Practice

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Periodic Table9%
Ionic and Covalent Compounds9%
Law of Conservation of Matter6%
Nuclear Chemistry10%
Phases of Matter6%
Energy Flow and Transformations14%
Force, Mass, and Motion14%
Electricity and Magnetism10%
  • Questions: 3,365
  • Two-Part Items: 59
  • Vocabulary Terms: 276
  • Performance Tasks: 242
  • Instructional Videos: 115

Test Standards

Periodic Table
1. (SPS1.a)  Atoms, Ions, And Isotopes
2. (SPS1.b)  Trends
3. (SPS1.c)  Main Group Element Properties
Ionic and Covalent Compounds
1. (SPS2.a)  Properties Of Compounds
2. (SPS2.b)  Predict Formulas
3. (SPS2.c)  IUPAC
Law of Conservation of Matter
1. (SPS3.a)  Conservation Of Mass In Chemical Reactions
2. (SPS3.b)  Chemical Equation
Nuclear Chemistry
1. (SPS4.a)  Fission And Fusion
2. (SPS4.b)  Half-Life
3. (SPS4.c)  Nuclear Energy
Phases of Matter
1. (SPS5.a)  Particle Arrangement
2. (SPS5.b)  Gases In A Closed System
1. (SPS6.a)  Properties Of Solutions
2. (SPS6.b)  Dissolving Rate
3. (SPS6.c)  Solubility Curve
4. (SPS6.d)  Acids And Bases
5. (SPS6.e)  Classify Household Substances
Energy Flow and Transformations
1. (SPS7.a)  Energy Transformations
2. (SPS7.b)  Thermal Energy Changes
3. (SPS7.c)  Specific Heat
4. (SPS7.d)  Heating/Cooling Curves
Force, Mass, and Motion
1. (SPS8.a)  Motion
2. (SPS8.b)  Newton's Laws Of Motion
3. (SPS8.c)  Falling Objects
4. (SPS8.d)  Simple Machines
1. (SPS9.a)  Parts Of A Wave
2. (SPS9.b)  Electromagnetic And Mechanical Waves
3. (SPS9.c)  Reflection, Refraction, Interference, And Diffraction
4. (SPS9.d)  Media
5. (SPS9.e)  Doppler Effect
Electricity and Magnetism
1. (SPS10.a)  Voltage, Current, And Resistance
2. (SPS10.b)  Current And Circuits
3. (SPS10.c)  Magnetism