GED Mathematical Reasoning Practice Test

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RC1: Quantitative problem solving with rational numbers25%
RC2: Quantitative problem solving in measurement20%
RC3: Algebraic problem solving with expressions and equations30%
RC4: Algebraic problem solving with graphs and functions25%
  • Questions: 5,796
  • Two-Part Items: 111
  • Vocabulary Terms: 332
  • Performance Tasks: 316
  • Instructional Videos: 198

Test Standards

RC1: Quantitative problem solving with rational numbers
1. (Q.1.a)  Order
2. (Q.1.b)  Number Properties
3. (Q.1.c)  Rules Of Exponents
4. (Q.1.d)  Absolute Value
5. (Q.2.a)  Operations On Rationals
6. (Q.2.b)  Squares And Roots
7. (Q.2.c)  Cubes And Roots
8. (Q.2.d)  Expressions Undefined
9. (Q.2.e)  Solve Problems
10. (Q.3.a)  Unit Rates
11. (Q.3.b)  Scale Factors
12. (Q.3.c)  Ratios And Proportions
13. (Q.3.d)  Percents
RC2: Quantitative problem solving in measurement
1. (Q.4.a)  Area And Perimeter
2. (Q.4.b)  Area And Circumference
3. (  Polygons
4. (Q.4.d)  Composite Figures
5. (Q.4.e)  Pythagorean Theorem
6. (Q.5.a)  Formulas
7. (Q.5.b)  Cylinders
8. (Q.5.c)  Prisms
9. (Q.5.d)  Pyramids And Cones
10. (Q.5.e)  Spheres
11. (Q.5.f)  Composite Solids
12. (Q.6.a)  Bar And Circle Graphs
13. (Q.6.b)  Dot Plots, Histograms, Box Plots
14. (Q.6.c)  Scatter Plots
15. (Q.7.a)  Mean, Median, Mode, Range
16. (Q.8.a)  Combinations And Permutations
17. (Q.8.b)  Probability
RC3: Algebraic problem solving with expressions and equations
1. (A.1.a)  Linear Expressions
2. (A.1.b)  Evaluate Expressions
3. (A.1.c)  Translate
4. (A.1.d)  Polynomial Arithmetic
5. (A.1.e)  Evaluate Polynomials
6. (A.1.f)  Factor Polynomials
7. (A.1.g)  Write Polynomials
8. (A.1.h)  Rational Expressions
9. (A.1.i)  Evaluate Rational Expressions
10. (A.1.j)  Write Rational Expressions
11. (A.2.a)  Solve Linear Equations
12. (A.2.b)  Linear Problems
13. (A.2.c)  Write Linear Equations
14. (A.2.d)  Solve Systems
15. (A.3.a)  Linear Inequalities
16. (A.3.b)  Graph Solutions
17. (A.3.c)  Inequality Problems
18. (A.3.d)  Write Inequalities
19. (A.4.a)  Solve Quadratics
20. (A.4.b)  Write Quadratics
RC4: Algebraic problem solving with graphs and functions
1. (A.5.a)  Locate Points
2. (A.5.b)  Determine Slope
3. (A.5.c)  Unit Rate
4. (A.5.d)  Graph Linear Equations
5. (A.5.e)  Key Features
6. (A.6.a)  Write Linear Equations
7. (A.6.b)  Line Through Two Points
8. (A.6.c)  Parallel And Perpendicular
9. (A.7.a)  Compare Proportions
10. (A.7.b)  Functions
11. (A.7.c)  Linear/quadratic Functions
12. (A.7.d)  Compare Properties