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GED Science Practice

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  • Questions 1,215
  • Vocabulary Terms 112
  • Performance Tasks 93
  • Instructional Videos 37

Test Standards

  1. (SP.1.a) Scientific presentation
  2. (SP.1.b) Symbols, terms, phrases
  3. (SP.3.a) Cite evidence
  4. (SP.5.a) Reconcile findings
  5. (SP.6.c) Express findings
  1. (SP.2.a) Error
  2. (SP.2.b) Hypotheses
  3. (SP.2.c) Investigation designs
  4. (SP.2.d) Design and investigation
  5. (SP.2.e) Variables
  6. (SP.3.b) Reason to a conclusion
  7. (SP.3.c) Make a prediction
  8. (SP.4.a) Evaluate conclusion or theory
  9. (SP.7.a) Apply models, theories, processes
  1. (SP.1.c) Non-textual presentation
  2. (SP.3.d) Sampling
  3. (SP.6.a) Express findings visually
  4. (SP.6.b) Express findings numerically
  5. (SP.7.b) Apply formulas
  6. (SP.8.a) Describe data set
  7. (SP.8.b) Counting and permutations
  8. (SP.8.c) Probability

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