Geometry (QualityCore) Practice Test

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Expressions, Equations & Inequalities20%
Graphical Representations20%
Properties of Plane Figures20%
Operations, Probability, and Functions20%
  • Questions: 2,256
  • Technology Enhanced Items: 151
  • Instructional Videos: 112
  • Vocabulary Terms: 210

Test Standards

Expressions, Equations & Inequalities
1. (EEI.2)  Solve Equations
2. (EEI.4)  One-step Equations
3. (EEI.5)  Like Terms
4. (EEI.6)  Evaluate Expressions
5. (EEI.7)  Add/subtract Expressions
6. (EEI.8)  First Degree Equations
7. (EEI.14)  Polynomial Arithmetic
8. (EEI.16)  First-degree Inequalities
9. (EEI.18)  Modeling Situations
10. (EEI.19)  Solve Inequalities
Graphical Representations
1. (GR.5)  Slope
2. (GR.7)  Slope
3. (GR.8)  Linear Graphs
4. (GR.9)  Midpoint
5. (GR.10)  Interpret Graphs
6. (GR.12)  Distance Formula
7. (GR.13)  Parallel/perpendicular
8. (GR.14)  Parabolas And Circles
9. (GR.15)  Graph Characteristics
10. (GR.16)  Solve Problems
11. (GR.17)  Draw Conclusions
Properties of Plane Figures
1. (PPF.1)  Angles And Parallels
2. (PPF.2)  Parallel Lines Angles
3. (PPF.3)  Special Sums
4. (PPF.4)  Angle Properties
5. (PPF.5)  Pythagorean Triples
6. (PPF.6)  Isosceles Triangles
7. (PPF.7)  Special Right Triangles
8. (PPF.8)  Pythagorean Theorem
9. (PPF.9)  Draw Conclusions
10. (PPF.10)  Solve Problems
11. (PPF.11)  Relationships In A Circle
1. (M.1)  Lengths In Figures
2. (M.2)  Perimeters
3. (M.3)  Areas Of Rectangles
4. (M.4)  Area And Perimeter
5. (M.5)  Formulas
6. (M.6)  Areas Of Triangles And Rectangles
7. (M.7)  Circumference And Area
8. (M.8)  Perimeters Of Composites
9. (M.9)  Geometric Relationships
10. (M.10)  Scale Factors
11. (M.11)  Composite Figures
Operations, Probability, and Functions
1. (OPF.1)  Simple Events
2. (OPF.2)  Trig Ratios
3. (OPF.3)  Triangle Trig
4. (OPF.4)  Complex Problems