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  • Questions 4,452
  • Vocabulary Terms 309
  • Performance Tasks 321
  • Instructional Videos 178

Test Standards

  1. (I.1) Properties
  2. (I.2) Exponents
  3. (I.3) Scientific notation
  4. (I.4) Use units
  5. (I.5) Accuracy
  6. (I.6) Multi-step problems
  1. (II.1) Triangles and figures
  2. (II.2) Polygons and circles
  3. (II.3) Pythagorean theorem
  4. (II.4) Transformations
  5. (II.5) Volume
  6. (II.6) Density concepts
  1. (III.1) Interpret and predict
  2. (III.2) Best fit line
  3. (III.3) Probabilities
  4. (III.4) Probability model
  5. (III.5) Measures of cented
  6. (III.6) Use samples
  1. (IV.1) Expression parts
  2. (IV.2) Polynomial/rational arithmetic
  3. (IV.3) Expressions and zeros
  4. (IV.4) Linear equations/inequalities
  5. (IV.5) Solve quadratics
  6. (IV.6) Rational/radical equations
  7. (IV.7) Solve systems
  8. (IV.8) Solve graphically
  9. (IV.9) Solve problems
  10. (IV.10) Rearrange formulas
  11. (IV.11) Functions
  12. (IV.12) Domain and range
  13. (IV.13) Write functions and sequences
  14. (IV.14) Explain steps
  15. (IV.15) Rate of change

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