HiSET Science Practice Test

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Life Science49%
Physical Science28%
Earth Science23%
Also includes:
  • Science as Inquiry
  • Questions: 1,952
  • Two-Part Items: 27
  • Vocabulary Terms: 278
  • Performance Tasks: 199
  • Instructional Videos: 103

Test Standards

Science as Inquiry
1. (A.1)  Interpret Data
2. (A.2)  Scientific Principles
3. (B.1)  Research Question
4. (B.2)  Procedure And Limitations
5. (B.3)  Best Procedure
6. (C.1)  Parts Of A Experiment
7. (C.2)  Conclusion
8. (C.3)  Question Relevance
9. (C.4)  Reliability
Life Science
1. (Life.1)  Organisms, Environments, And Life Cycles
2. (Life.2)  Interdependence Of Organisms
3. (Life.3)  Structure And Function
4. (Life.4)  Human Body Systems
Physical Science
1. (Phys.1)  Observable Properties
2. (Phys.2)  Position And Motion
3. (Phys.3)  Light, Heat, Electricity, And Magentism
4. (Phys.4)  Matter And Atoms
5. (Phys.5)  Chemical Reactions
Earth Science
1. (ES.1)  Earth Materials
2. (ES.2)  Earth's Systems
3. (ES.3)  Earth In Our Solar System
4. (ES.4)  Sun, Stars, And Solar System