Iowa English Language Arts (IowaCore) Practice

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Key Ideas and Details33%
Craft and Structure33%
Integration of Knowledge and Ideas34%
  • Questions: 3,095
  • Two-Part Items: 8
  • Vocabulary Terms: 145
  • Performance Tasks: 246
  • Instructional Videos: 62

Test Standards

Key Ideas and Details
1. (RL.1.1)  Cite Evidence
2. (RL.1.2)  Theme
3. (RL.1.3)  Complex Characters
4. (RI.1.1)  Textual Evidence
5. (RI.1.2)  Central Idea
6. (RI.1.3)  Analysis
Craft and Structure
1. (RL.2.4)  Word Meanings
2. (L.3.4a)  Context Clues
3. (L.3.4b)  Word Changes
4. (L.3.4c)  Reference Materials
5. (L.3.5a)  Euphemism
6. (L.3.5b)  Nuances
7. (RL.2.5)  Structure
8. (RL.2.6)  Cultural Experience
9. (RI.2.4 )  Word Meanings
10. (RI.2.5)  Ideas And Claims
11. (RI.2.6)  Point Of View
Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
1. (SL.1.2)  Integrate And Evaluate
2. (SL.3)  POV, Reasoning, Evidence
3. (RL.3.9 )  Source Material
4. (SL.1.3)  POV, Reasoning, Evidence
5. (RI.3.8)  Delineate And Evaluate
6. (RI.3.9)  Analyze Documents