Iowa Life Science (IowaCore) Practice

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The Cell17%
Genetics 17%
Interdependence of Organisms17%
Interdependence of Living Systems16%
Interdependence of Organism's Behavior16%
  • Questions: 2,270
  • Technology Enhanced Items: 176
  • Instructional Videos: 79
  • Vocabulary Terms: 508

Test Standards

The Cell
1. (S.9-12.LS.1)  Structures And Functions
2. (S.9-12.LS.2)  Functions And Chemical Reactions
3. (S.9-12.LS.3 )  Cell Division
4. (S.9-12.LS.4)  Photosynthesis
1. (S.9-12.LS.5)  DNA
2. (S.9-12.LS.6 )  Chromosomes
3. (S.9-12.LS.7 )  Basic Inheritance Patterns
1. (S.9-12.LS.8)  Species Evolution
2. (S.9-12.LS.9 )  Natural Selection
3. (S.9-12.LS.10 )  Relations To Common Ancestor
4. (S.9-12.LS.11 )  Biological Classification
Interdependence of Organisms
1. (S.9-12.LS.12 )  Materials Cycling
2. (S.9-12.LS.13 )  Energy Transformation
3. (S.9-12.LS.14 )  Organism Interrelationships
4. (S.9-12.LS.15 )  Humans Modify Ecosystems
Interdependence of Living Systems
1. (S.9-12.LS.16 )  Sunlight Energy Conversion
2. (S.9-12.LS.17)  Limiting Factors
3. (S.9-12.LS.18 )  Matter And Energy Flow And Conservation
Interdependence of Organism's Behavior
1. (S.9-12.LS.19)  Nervous Systems And Behavior
2. (S.9-12.LS.20 )  The Human OrganismóBasic Functions